Reethi Beach Resort
Reethi Beach Resort
Atoll : Baa  
Distance : 65 Miles from Airport  
No of Rooms :100  
No of Restaurants : 4  
No of Bars : 2  
Credit Cards :    
Nestled amidst lush vegetation and shaded by graceful palm trees, Reethi Beach opened its doors on 2. Nov. 1998. Its unique local architecture blends with the natural beauty of the island creating an eco-friendly environment.
Surrounded by a white sandy beach and crystal clear water you will feel to be in paradise. Only 15% of the total land area has been built up. This gives our guests a great privacy and a feeling of nature with comfort and style.

Surrounded by uninhabited islands, Reethi Beach offers its guests a unique opportunity to discover those islands, as they are exclusively held by Reethi Beach.

If you wish to simply relax and unwind, there are isolated stretches of inviting white sandy beaches and gentle waves of the lagoon to massage your stress away.

For the more energetic there is a wide variety of recreation facilities, or perhaps you would prefer to socialize with newly made friends in the charming ambience of the main bar, or tease your taste buds with flavours from round the world in one of our restaurants.

A 35 min. seaplane flight with Trans Maldivian Airways will bring our guests to the nearby platform from RBR Our Guest relation team will accompany you on the 15 min. boats ride, on a traditional Maldivian Dhoni, for your next holiday retreat, to the island Reethi Beach.

On arrival to the resort you will be accompanied by one of our guest relation officers who will speak your language and invite you for a tropical drink and helps you out with filling the guest registration and shows you to your villa. Later on the day the same guest relation officer shows you the whole island and explains to you about all our services and facilities on the resort.


White sandy beaches sparkling in the sun alongside crystal clear lagoons would be an idyllic place to spend a perfect holiday. While this is true in most aspects, the degree of fragility of our environment is gaining much attention within national and international levels.

The fragile marine and terrestrial environment including the reefs and bio-diversity would be greatly affected unless careful management of the environment is done. Our beauty and natural resources are strongly linked with economic development of the country. Such awareness has raised many concerns and the Government and private industry is taking extensive measures towards protecting the environment.

Reethi Beach from the day one of its planning has been very concerned about the environmental aspects from building and management of the resort. Reethi Beach is one the most eco-friendly resorts in the Maldives and it is very proud of its natural vegetation and eco-friendly management of its resources.

On the building of the resort utmost care was taken that the surrounding reefs were untouched and as little trees were cut. Most of the palms and trees that had to be removed were relocated rather than cutting them.

Due to the geographical uniqueness of the island of Maldives, each island manages its own waste and power. We have put some the latest available state of the art technology to manage our waste and power as our commitment to sustain the fragile environment of the Maldives.

Reethi Beach has committed to become a model for eco-friendly tourism is Maldives and it is perusing every possibility to achieve this goal.

Today the resorts entire water heating is by Solar, the Sewerage is treated using minimal energy by means of bacterial culture and the treated water is then used for gardening, all refrigeration on the island is CFC free, Bottles are crushed and stored as building material, cans are compressed and sent to Thilafushi ( a government managed waste disposal site ) and are properly disposed, most of the non bio degradable material are incinerated by using a state of the art Norwegian incinerator, half of the lights used on the island are energy saving, most of the bio waste are decomposed and used for gardening, only biodegradable detergents are used by the management, no boats are allowed to throw anchors to the house reef, etc…..

In addition the resort also carries out some very unique activities to protect and understand the environment. A program is carried out by the resort to observe the changes of the house reef and of the beach line of the resort and is handed over to the concerned government authorities. Safari Boats and Travelers are encouraged to hand over their garbage to the resort so that it can be properly disposed. To attract them the resort supplies these boats with their necessities and allows them to use its facilities. The resort also carries out many environmental awareness programs for the native Maldivians, for them to understand and preserve their environment.

SURROUNDING ATMOSPHERE: Baa Atoll is special due to its island formation. Mostly, all the island are quite close to each other.
Reethi Beach has the opportunity to be surounded of deserted islands. This gives the feeling to be alone in this atoll.

WILD LIFE: Our major wild life is in the ocean. As we have the chance to be in a mostly untouched area of Maldives the marine life is incredibale.
Mantas, Wale sharkes are like repeaters in the lagoon of Reethi Beach.
During a morning walk on the beach the clients can observe the delphines which are passing by.

FUTURE PLANS: Reethi Beach with its natural surounding will try to improve its existing services.

BAA ATOLL Until late '98 this atoll to the north of Male' Atoll was home to just a single resort. The administrative region of Baa Atoll is comprised of two geographical atolls. The small Goidhoo Atoll also known as Horsburgh Atoll to the south, is also part of the administrative region of Baa Atoll. The population of the atoll is about 11,000 spread out over ten of the islands out of a total of 50. Five are tourist resorts. The rest lie 'deserted', their vegetation untouched and beaches rarely trodden. Many of them are used for excursions by resorts in the atoll.

The reefs of this atoll are in pristine condition, and whether you are a diver or snorkeller the unspoilt natural beauty of the atoll is readily apparent. One of the secrets of Baa Atoll is the large numbers of mantas and whale sharks that visit the atoll, during the southwest monsoon especially from May to July.

Resorts in Baa Atoll offer transport from the airport by seaplane and speedboat, however due to the distance involved seaplane is the more convenient option.

The main occupation of the people of this atoll is tuna fishery, however some of the islands are well known for their skilled craftsmen. Most of the lacquer ware you see for sale in the souvenir shops and resort boutiques are the work of the people of Thulhaadhoo although the main occupation of the people of the island is fishing. Eydhafushi, the capital island was famous for it 'feyli' weaving - a wraparound skirt for women.

The French ship 'Corbin' was wrecked on Fulhadhoo in Goidhoo Atoll in 1602. It was here that Pyrard de Laval, the famous French explorer who was on board, had his first experience of the Maldives, which he wrote about later.


The delicate and varied cuisine of Reethi Beach will meet the appreciation of the finest gourmet. Enjoy the exquisite taste of the gastronomy of the Maldives, a delicious mixture of the occidental culinary traditions with spicy and savoury oriental flavours.

The gentle smile of the Maldives and graciousness will great you in our five restaurants of exotic or romantic charm, each presenting its own buffet or a la carte menus.

REHENDHI RESTAURANT: Great care has been taken to ensure that dining in the Rehendhi Restaurant (main restaurant) is a special experience, pleasing to the palate of all. In the two wings of the Rehendhi Restaurant, you can enjoy a sumptuous buffet of mouth watering eastern and western cuisine.
In addition Rehendhi Restaurant also caters for the special needs of our clients. We have carefully set up a health corner for those who are careful about their fitness. Special meals are also provided for Vegetarian and Diabetes clients.

REETHI GRILL: Enjoy a balmy evening under a canopy of stars at the Reethi Grill where our chefs prepare the choicest of tender meats and fresh vegetables to your taste. Our aim is to provide you with a memorable night with quality food and service.
Reethi Grill offers different theme evenings from Seafood barbecues to Mongolian nights and to the simple mixed barbecues for the meat lovers.

DHIVEHI RESTAURANT: For those guests wishing to try local cuisine, the Dhivehi Restaurant, the first restaurant in Maldives that caters only Maldivian Dishes, offers an original local menu with occasional local music.
The Dhivehi Restaurant offers seating in the comfort of air-conditioning or outside in the shades of the palms.

HUVANDHUMAA RESTAURANT: For those who desire a totally different and taste, our Chinese restaurant stands with its doors open at every mealtime. Named Huvandhumaa Restaurant, this speciality restaurant takes its name from the fragrant jasmine flower, quickly becomes a favourite of all lovers of Chinese food lovers.
This restaurant is also divided into two parts air-conditioned and open air.

COFFEE SHOP – MOODU BAR: Built on stilts over the lagoon, the Moodhu Bar, a 24 hour coffee shop, is cooled by the tropical breeze. It offers a choice of light meals, cool drinks and a breath taking view.
br> RASGEFAANU BAR: As benefits its name, which means -kings, the Rasgefaanu Bar provides splendid ambience and excellent service. This social heart of the island where you can chat with new friends or relax to the rhythm of a visiting regional band. Among the other facilities available here are snooker, table tennis, darts and carom.

VEYODHOSHU BAR: When you visit the sports complex for a game of tennis, a vigorous workout or a swim in the pool, you can take advantage of the thirst quenching drinks and the light fare menu of the Veyodhoshu Bar offers. Just lay next to our pool and let take care of you while you relax.

Services and Amenities
  EXCURSIONS: You can call us the specialist when it comes to organising excursions. With us you will be able to explore the untouched beauty of Baa Atoll and the rich cultures of it inhabitant. In Reethi Beach we offer a vide variety of group and private excursions.

We have carefully selected a variety of excursion that includes Night Fishing, trips to deserted islands, Lunch bar-be-cues on deserted islands, visits the local islands and to explore the culture and traditions, Snorkelling trips and so on….

We also organise private excursions for couples and groups from just dropping them to an uninhabited island to organise table served lobster dinners on the beaches of some deserted islands. Just name your wish, we will provide it for you. AND MORE

On Honeymoon or having Birthday or a special celebration? And want to surprise your partner...

Just let our guest relations know, we will provide you an unforgettable evening from the house, with candle lit dinner on the beach with wine and a cake for the celebration.

Do you think you might get bored in the evening?

We will not let that happen. While keeping the harmony of the island we also have organised many different entertainment programmes for those who are looking for more than sitting and chatting with friends in the evening.

Maybe a little bit of dancing in our Rasgefanu bar with our in-house band which plays occasionally, or a formula one race with the fastest crabs in whole Baa atoll?

Perhaps enjoying one our cultural evenings with folkloric music and local dancing might keep you entertained.

Feeling Lazy would like to have Breakfast in the room?

Absolutely no problem. Our 24-hour room service menu gives our guest the flexibility to eat in their villa or to enjoy a meal on their veranda or balcony.

Worried that your loved one might get sick on the holiday?

We are as concerned as you are for your loved ones and for you. That is why we have set up a clinic with an in-house general practitioner and a small clinic, so that if one of our clients is not feeling well that could be immediately attended to.

Feeling difficult to sleep in a hotel mattress?

We know the feeling, in Reethi Beach all of our guests can choose between hard and soft mattresses and pillows. Just let your guest relation officer or your room boy know of your wish.

Don't want to be confined to one small island?

With us you will not have to be worried about that. Most of the surrounding uninhabited islands are kept for you. Just take a canoe or a catamaran or simply ask your guest relation officer to organise a boat for you and you can spend your day an uninhabited island by your self exploring the untouched beauty that we have preserved for you.

Worried that you might have problems communicating on a tropical holiday island?

We even have thought about that. Our staffs on the island are from different countries of the world and we speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Yugoslavian, Swedish, Japanese, Nepalese, Hindhi, Tamil, Maliyaalham and Dhivehi.


Decorated with refined care, the villas, elegant and spacious, are enhanced by typical architecture of the Maldives and provide all comfort of modern life.

Thus you may wish to have a terrace-view over the glittering sea, under the moonlight or to wake up with the sound of gentle waves passing under your beds as the mellow rays of sunshine falls on you.

  Treat yourself with a wide range of sporting and entertainment facilities at your disposal.

Experiment the pleasure of catamaran sailing, dive to glimpse the spectacular underwater world, fight the much sough-after red snapper in a night fishing trip. Laze around our pool or on our beaches or simply enjoy a tennis match.

SPORTS: Reethi Beach gives you the opportunity to keep fit and shape up your body and mind.

Our Sports Complex provides you with everything you need even for the most complicated of workouts. Our gym has up-to-date equipment and qualified instructors.
Take part in an aerobic session with our qualified instructors. Squash, indoor badminton, table tennis, beach volleyball and tennis on our floodlit courts are other options.

Or our outdoor swimming pool at the sports complex, a nice place to relax and enjoy the island's beauty on a hot lazy afternoon.
Not to forget the games room located at the main bar, which has a pool table, table tennis, darts, carom and many more board games.

Facilities in the Sports Complex: 2 indoor Badmington courts, 2 Squash courts, 2 outdoor tennis courts with floud lights, 1 gym, 2 saunas ( 1 for gents and 1 for ladies), 1 table tennis and 1 outdoor swimming pool.

WATER SPORTS: For those of you who are looking for more active holidays our water sports centre offers a vide variety of activities on the water.

Water World, our water sport centre provides the epitome of water sports that the Maldives has to offer, with windsurfing, catamaran sailing, canoeing, water skiing, wake boarding, banana boat riding, fun tube riding and Para-sailing.

Would you like to view the underwater world with friends without getting wet? We make this possible on the glass bottom boat trips.

And if you have other special requests, we make every effort to full fill them at Water World.

SCUBA DIVING: The Maldives is famed for its rare underwater beauty. The profusion of psychedelic colours and the abundance and variety of life underwater has fascinated divers and snorkellers since Maldives was discovered as a diving destination. The highest level of visibility that one could expect- sometimes exceeding 50 metres - and warm temperatures throughout the year makes diving in the Maldives a delight you would want to experience over and over again. The Maldives has some of the best dive sites in the world and many visit the Maldives repeatedly for the sole purpose of diving

The Golden Sea of Baa-Atoll as described by Robert Schneider, the diving and snorkeling in this part of the Maldives is something special. The reefs, on which there hasn't been much diving activity, promise an unforgettable experience.

Our Dive School managed by sea-explorer maintains PADI five star standards. The school is equipped with the very latest high standard giving gear and is one of the very few schools in Maldives, which offer Nitrox diving.

Sea-explorer offers a wide range of dive site and courses starting from open water to dive master. The instructors speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.


Room types & Suites

Reethi Villas
Reethi’ in the local language means beautiful. Your rooms on Reethi Beach are designed to complement the beauty of the island. Reethi Villas, as they are called, have thatched roofs and open-air bathrooms to harmonize with the surrounding environment. All Reethi Villas offers maximum privacy and comfort. We have provided air conditioning, ceiling fan, IDD telephones, mini bar, satellite television, hair dryer, hot and cold water and individual terrace on all the Reethi Villas.
We also have three Duplex Villas designed especially for friends and family.

Deluxe Villas
The deluxe Villas are located on the exquisite sandy beach with a breath taking view of the crystal clear lagoon. Why not start your day with an invigorating swim and say hallo to your underwater friends?
Deluxe villas on Reethi Beach offer all the facilities of the Reethi Villa. What makes the Deluxe Villas special is it well furnished sitting area; bathtub and the traditional Maldivian swing just outside the room.

Water Villas
The Water Villas are made specially for the ocean lovers. Built on stilts over the clear waters of the lagoon, Water Villas have the same facilities as Reethi Villas but in addition have Internet access through the television, a bathtub and a private balcony with a tropical ocean view.
Every two guest rooms share a common sitting area and a fish-viewing hole where you can watch the boldness of fearless tropical fish.