Naladhu Maldives
Naladhu Maldives
Atoll : Kaafu  
Distance : 13KM from Airport  
No of Rooms :19  
No of Restaurants : 3  
No of Bars : 2  
Credit Cards :    
Imagine. The dream of a luxury island hideaway. Sublime comfort. A private house on your own stretch of Maldivian beach. Living adventures of a lifetime.

Remember. A time when elegance came before trend and luxury was understated. When indulgence was defined by comfort – not pretension.

Break away from the crowd. Live on your own terms. Let your spirit flow.

Unwind in free-flowing space in the paradise of the Maldives. Dream to a symphony of rolling waves and rustling palms. Plunge into your private infinity-edge pool or surrender to the aroma of an exotic Ayurvedic elixir. Seek refuge in the familiar cool of hardwood floors and goose-down pillows. Surround yourself with the familiar comforts you know and love. Delight in the surprises of the islands.

More than a resort. More than a holiday. A collage of timeless moments you'll create – as perfect as you'd imagined them to be.

On a tranquil palm-covered atoll surrounded by a coral lagoon, Naladhu – Maldivian for "beautiful island" – offers a mosaic of timeless moments of seclusion, luxury and serenity.

Mornings, fresh as a young coconut. Days, bright as a calla lily. Nights, still as a painting. Every day at Naladhu is a blank canvas – we provide the palette of local colour – you create your own masterpiece.

Naladhu is designed to be as familiar as a favourite vacation home by the sea, but with surprise hints of the islands. In its soul is the spirit of the local Maldivian culture, drawing on the rich traditions of our island paradise. It is a place where everything is as it should be. Where everything is familiar – not because you’ve been here before, but because it is just as you’d imagined it to be.

Every Naladhu moment is an experience to treasure. Every space is yours to own, for a perfect, timeless moment. We offer expansive private spaces, unsurpassed luxury, the idyllic Maldives vacation experience, and a graceful elegance that never goes out of style.

Come with us, and create your own timeless moments...

You’ve probably imagined paradise. Tropical island sands. Swaying palms. Endless turquoise waters. The fantasy of an exclusive tropical island getaway in the Maldives is as timeless as Naladhu itself.

Set on Velighandu Huraa amidst the cluster of private island gems that comprise the South Male Atoll, Naladhu is the realisation of this dream – our own interpretation of the classic beach house fantasy. Elegant, spacious private houses fronting the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Fringed by the powder-fine white sand of a desert island beach. Accented by the spectrum of greens in a tropical coconut grove. Naladhu is a true tropical island paradise – just as you’d imagined it to be.

An Ayurvedic massage on the beach or the veranda of your Naladhu House. Unwind with a pampering treatment. Guided meditation on your deck at sunset. At Naladhu, relaxation and enrichment is never more than a few steps away.

Back on the island, you’d be surprised at how much action you can pack into a single day without even leaving sight of the shore. Guided meditation on your deck at sunset. Sunrise yoga on the beach. Water aerobics or tennis lessons by day. Culinary Journeys to hone your cooking and tasting prowess. In the evening, breathe in the culture and spirit of the Maldives with the enchanting folklores of Ahmed Didi, the island’s native historian.

At Naladhu, relaxation and enrichment is never more than a few steps away. With our gorgeous island surrounds, and the spiritual calmness that comes from being in one of the world’s most remote locales, Naladhu is the perfect setting to enrich – or refine – your journey.

You’ve explored the reefs and far-off desert islands. Now, are you ready to take on the kitchen? Put on your explorer’s hat because it’s time to embark on yet another quest. But all you need for this voyage is a good paring knife, a pepper grinder, a pocketful of curiosity and a dash of imagination.


Go behind the scenes with the colourful personalities in the kitchen – experts not only at creating gourmet culinary experiences – but also willing to share their secrets (well, not all of them!) with you. Compose some of their favourite dishes here at Naladhu, then, feast on your very own creations. We invite you to explore and hone your creativity as we tantalise the taste buds.


If you’ve ever been mystified (and who hasn’t?) by which cheese goes with which wine or what makes one caviar better than another, then Naladhu’s tasting classes are the perfect way to indulge your taste buds while turning you into a more well-rounded host and guest when you get back home.

Did you know that the Maldives has an oral literary tradition that extends back almost 1,000 years? A rich history of sailors, pirates, seafaring princes, sultans and British colonial governors? A language unlike any on Earth?

A must on the itinerary of any guest to Naladhu is a storytelling evening in our island’s coconut grove with Ahmed Didi, the Island Chief. A native to our very island for – well, longer than anyone can attest! – Ahmed is a lively character with a richly detailed memory filled with island tales from his own lifetime and generations beyond. He shares his love of his island nation and its rich folkloric tradition in casual (yet dramatic!) stories. Visit him nightly if you wish – you’ll never hear the same story twice!

Naladhu is proud preserve Maldivian culture and share it with our guests during this unique evening back in time.

As the perfect Naladhu day winds down – or, as the perfect beginning – unwind with your choice of luxury spa therapies designed to pamper your body and restore your soul. It’s the job of our team of spa professionals, trained in Ayurvedic, Thai, Balinese, Western and other holistic healing traditions, to draw from the best of our island surroundings to bring you treatments and therapies to perfectly complement your Maldives holiday (or honeymoon) experience. Allow them to personalise the perfect treatment for the perfect, timeless moment.

Choose where you want to get pampered. The comfort of your spacious bedroom. Your sun-bleached deck as twilight falls. Under the shade of a towering palm on the beach. Or, embark on a spa journey to your choice of three spas on nearby islands. At Naladhu, relaxation is never more than a few steps away.

Drawing on the rich natural traditions of the islands and surrounding ocean, a range of luxurious spa therapies are available to unwind the mind and spirit. Four-hand massage, herbal steam and al fresco floral bath are just a few. You'll discover the rest.

Many of Naladhu's treatments incorporate locally sourced ingredients from our island environment, including sea salts, exotic fruits and wild Maldivian herbs and fruits. Each is a recipe that will have you looking as great as you feel.

What better way to enjoy all that Naladhu has to offer than with a multi-day Spa Journey that takes you across the islands? A massage here, a scrub there, then jet across the lagoon for a facial – can it get any better than this? Or, if you're feeling a bit less adventurous, our resident cast of internationally trained therapists can bring their pampering treatments right to you to be enjoyed in the privacy and serenity of your own house.

With a Naladhu Spa journey, you will be transported to three different islands scattered around our emerald lagoon for a variety of invigorating and restorative treatments – and transported to a different state of mind. The spa manager is also happy to customise a Spa Journey with the elements of your choice.


Welcome to a brave new world of dining adventures. At Naladhu, dining tantalises more than just your taste buds. Here, we cater to all your senses. Your sense of home. Your sense of romance. Your sense of adventure. With our endless dining options and wide range of cuisines, you can tailor every meal to your moment's desires. Grilled Maldivian yellowfin on a desert island. Chianti with roasted rack of lamb aboard a dhoni sailing across an emerald-blue lagoon. You'll find dining at Naladhu (and even her nearby islands!) a fantastic voyage through sights, sounds, scents and flavours that you've never before encountered, in a setting you've probably only seen in dreams.

IN-HOUSE DINING: You’re allowed in indulge at Naladhu – in fact, we encourage it.

Sometimes, indulgence means spending a cozy night in your private house, dressed as you wish, watching the waves roll in from your deck, or with a favourite classic film on the home theatre system. For these times, you’ll be happy to know that the chefs of the Living Room can cater to your every whim, right in the privacy of your home, at just about any time day or night.

Satisfy tastes ranging from the classic to the eccentric, whenever, wherever. Dine in privacy on your terrace, under the stars or the sun. Enjoy a barbecue on your deck, complete with your own private chef and waiter. Or, for the true romantic, surprise your loved one and organise a champagne breakfast.

Our chefs also offer a variety of set dinners for every craving, including Thai, Indian, Maldivian and Western. Or, kick back on your deck at sunset with a platter of our chef’s favourite canapés and a bottle of Krug. Have a favourite that isn’t listed in our menu? Your House Master will see to it that we provide it – or at least our own creative interpretation.

INTIMATE DINING AFFAIRS: Romance abounds on Naladhu and its spectacular surrounds. Being a bit romantic themselves, our chefs have designed a range of truly unique dining opportunities called ‘Intimate Dining Affairs’, in which they bring their favourite menus to the destination of your choice around the island. Complete with candles, tablecloths, silver and all the little touches of perfection, our 'Intimate Affairs' offer some of Naladhu’s most precious timeless moments for you both to cherish.

Escape to a nearby desert island for a private beach dinner. Feast onboard an elegant dhoni, the traditional Maldivian sailboat, as you sail into the sunset. Our chefs and staff can cater private parties, pre-dinner cocktails or afternoon tea in the comfort of your pavilion. For the health conscious, guests can consult with our chef to discuss individual dietary requirements, spa menus or other special meal requests.

The following destinations are just a suggestion of the many settings available for your very own intimate affair:

• Picnic or candlelit dinner on the powder-white beaches of Naladhu
• Lagoon sunset on the Living Room pool deck
• Private island hideaway at nearby Guli Fushi
• Private beach cabana dining
• Dinner aboard the Riyaa, our dhoni, for a sail across the lagoon.
• Coconut grove by firelight
• Wave breakers private dining deck


Secluded white beaches. A festive musical celebration of a perfect union. Awaken as husband and wife in one of earth’s last remaining paradises. Let Naladhu create a timeless, unforgettable wedding.

The white-sand beach of your own private island paradise. The glittering Indian Ocean as the picture-perfect backdrop. Let your wedding fantasy unfold at Naladhu....
Let your love set sail on the Naladhu breeze. A sundown wedding aboard our luxurious Maldivian sailing dhoni will be a timeless moment you'll treasure always...
Exchange the traditional vows and rings and take part in some new Maldivian romantic rituals in a setting that is anything but ordinary--your own private island...
Surrender to a level of indulgence that is fitting for your perfect day, with spa treatments to unwind together, a timeless ceremony onboard our luxurious sailing dhoni, and an intimate candlelit dinner while you glide into the sunset......
Services and Amenities
  At Naladhu, we invite you to revel in the splendour of our island paradise – at your own pace – and we are proud to offer one-of-a-kind adventures to explore the beauty of the Maldives.

Deep-sea fishing from a luxury launch off the surrounding atolls. Scuba diving in the Maldives’ world-renowned reefs through a personal PADI certification course or some leisurely snorkelling on the nearby house reef. Sailing a traditional Maldivian dhoni alongside a pod of skipping dolphins or kayaking around the lagoon. Shopping in bustling Male and bringing back mementos of local colour.

Create a masterpiece for your holiday or honeymoon, whether you’re seeking non-stop action, a relaxed exploration of neighbouring islands, or just kicking back in the beauty of the Maldives.

For dining Naladhu offers The Living Room, In-house Dining and Personalized Dining. With these 3 dining options and a wide range of cuisines every meal can be tailored to your moment’s desire. The Living Room also features a wine cellar. Guests can also use the restaurants at Anantara which gives them the choice of 5 restaurants including The Living Room.

The resort also has fully equipped air-conditioned Fitness Centre, 17-meter infinity-edge Lap Pool, Island-wide Internet Coverage, Personalized Yoga and Meditation, PADI Dive Centre, Water Sports Centre, Surf School – Tropicsurf, Scenic Seaplane flights, In-room Spa Therapies and Cultural Excursions to neighbouring islands. The Dive Centre, Water Sports Centre and the Surf School are based in a neighbouring island.


Vanilla candles at bedtime. Your favourite jazz CD on the stereo. A freshly drawn rose petal bath. Your favourite vintage of Pinot Noir. The face of Naladhu’s signature indulgence is every guest’s House Master. From the cool towel and mineral water he presents to you on arrival at the airport to the final toast to your departure journey, your House Master is butler, concierge, guide, personal assistant and ever-familiar, smiling face.

The Naladhu experience is defined by indulgence. A pillow menu with over ten options. Champagne, fine chocolate truffles and a green tea bath. A video library with all your favourite classics and a fully stocked gourmet minibar.

Your House Master is always available to cater to every whim – yes, that means 24 hours a day – and is attentive to every detail that matters to you. From your favourite type of flower to your favourite midnight snack, your favourite scented soap or a fondly remembered novel, you will love being treated to all your treasured favourites – and introduced to new ones with a Maldivian twist.

  Your own island hideaway. Private. Intimate. Created for you. Each of Naladhu's 19 secluded houses incorporates timeless design, idyllic views and – unique to Naladhu – an unmatched feeling of home.

Capture your own stretch of pristine white beach and revel in 300 square meters of exquisite space and luxury. With identical facilities in both Ocean Houses and the Beach Houses, your only decision is which of the perfect views and settings you prefer.

Feel the interplay of fresh island air and the soothing pulse of water in your house’s luxuriously appointed al fresco bathing pavilion. Cool hardwood and terracotta floors below and ceiling fans gently whirring above. Choices abound. Unwind in a romantic outdoor bath while gazing out to an endless moonlit sea. Or, cross playful flagstone steps between the dual mirrored vanities to the outdoor waterfall shower, shaded by bougainvillea and frangipani.

At the opposite end of the pavilion, by the plunge pool, be at one with the island’s rhythm in the delightful outdoor soaking tub sprinkled with rose petals. Allow all your tensions to melt away with the thermal healing of your private steam room and shower, while you savour the view of the tropical surrounds.

Your bath features delightfully aromatic elixirs by L’Occitane, ultra-plush oversized terrycloth towels, scented candles and a daybed for lounging between soaks in the tub. This may become your favourite room in the house – feel free.

Your favourite “room” in the house may not be a room, in the traditional sense. Your house’s expansive, multi-tiered deck and patio are perhaps its most unique feature – a luxurious touch you’ll find only on Naladhu. It is from here that the view takes centre stage, whether it is the emerald stillness of the lagoon and white-sands of the Beach Houses, or the slowly rolling Indian Ocean panorama of the Ocean Houses. Unwind on the plush, oversized swinging daybed suspended in the island breeze and just be – for as long as you’d like.

When time comes to soak in the island sun, step down from the patio to the sun-kissed wood deck below – touching the sands fronting the Beach House or the waves of the Ocean House. Twin loungers invite you to kick back and bathe in the warmth of the Maldivian sun. Later, enjoy a midday Arabic mezze served in your deck’s dining sala – also the perfect venue for a cozy, romantic candlelit dinner under the island stars.

Total privacy. A midnight dip under the stars. Toasting a picture-perfect sunset over the lagoon. The infinity-edge pool is an integral feature of your House – seamlessly blending wood, light, air and water. Sliding doors off the bedroom give way to the clear waters of the pool, as do the hardwood floors of the bath and deck. Meanwhile, the surrounding gardens, lush with native Maldivian flowering plants and island greenery, remind you that you’re firmly ensconced in paradise. Delight in your secluded pool, where the view of the lapping waters melds with the ocean, lagoon and horizon.

  All aboard our elegant dhoni, the Riyaa, for a sail across the lagoon. Let us provide you with all the equipment for a Private Sunset Fishing expedition. When you start craving dinner, we’ll be back just in time for the chef to grill up your catch however you’d like!

After you’ve taken a dive in the reefs of Naladhu, you’ll be curious to see what roams in deeper waters. Join us for an afternoon or morning on one of our deep-sea fishing excursions. You’ll first cruise past smaller atolls until you reach open ocean, where Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo thrive.

Our elegant launch is outfitted with advanced equipment for the expedition, which is able to handle the weight of the bigger game you’ll be catching. As always, we’re always eager to cater to every whim. Perhaps you’d like a champagne toast or an assortment of evening canapés in between the action. Your House Master and chef can arrange your outing however you please.

Kayak to a nearby desert island. Water ski over a placid emerald lagoon. Take in a bird’s-eye view of paradise in a seaplane photo flight at sunset. Try your hand at wakeboarding or surfing on the Indian Ocean. All in a day’s adventure at Naladhu!

We’ll give you an easy start to some water sports adventures with the complimentary canoes provided for you to enjoy the beautiful (and calm) lagoon fronting the island. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, have a go at windsurfing. Don’t worry if it’s your first try – we’ll encourage you with a lesson or two that will enable you to enjoy the wind and sea in a new and challenging way.

Surfers will discover that these sparkling islands offer ideal surfing conditions. With a handful of some of the best surfing destinations in the Maldives only a quick launch ride from Naladhu, you’ll never have a better opportunity to try this exhilarating sport.

While most guests to the Maldives skip past Male, Naladhu gives you the key to unlock this fascinating city, one of the world’s most unique capitals.

If you’re searching for tangible local colour to bring home, let the Naladhu launch whisk you away for a day of shopping in the bustling markets of Male. Naladhu’s local guides are always eager to show our guests their country’s capital city. You’ll find its pleasantly walkable streets, filled with exotic foods and wares from around the Subcontinent, a memorable setting for an afternoon adventure of cultural discovery.

Recreation & Entertainment: Tennis on a neighbouring island, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Diving, Surfing, Water Skiing, Catamaran Sailing, Traditional Dhoni Sailing, Snorkeling, Deep Sea Fishing, Sailing to deserted islands, Local Folklore nights and Male’ Shopping.


Room types & Suites

Beach House
A Beach House faces the tranquil beach and lagoon side of the island and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation to provide a cocoon of privacy. A small step on to the beach reveals the vista of the Indian Ocean you have imagined in your dreams.

Ocean House
Providing totally unobstructed views of the jewel-blue waters, an Ocean House is the ultimate choice for privacy and tranquility. With a hardwood deck stretching out right over the water, you will be lulled into total serenity by the gentle lapping of the waves breaking over the reef below. Each Ocean House has the additional pleasure of a private Cabana located on the beach, which can be used for lounging and massage during day or dining in the evening.