About Us
You decide, we organize.
"Tropical Destination Maldives" was formed as a brand holiday organizer in 2003, after 13 years of Travel Experience, Locally and Worldwide destinations including Asian, Middle-East, and European countries. Tropical Destination Maldives has developed to become one of the most established Tour Operator in the Maldives in a short period of time, with the chain of supportive leading companies. In addition, the trademark has also benefited vastly from the knowledge and experience of supporting partners in different corners of the world. We look far and wide for new Maldivian holiday products to offer so that we can provide our customers with a vast choice of top quality accommodation and tours meet their expectations. Tropical Destination Maldives has been creating holidays and vacations an unforgettable experiences for a world wide audience. And clearly we were formed with a defined mission - that of bringing the best of the true Maldives' proficiency.
What Makes Tropical Destination Maldives so unique ?
Excellence that is where we come in. The Brand has the means and the resources to ensure our customers get the best value for money. We have the commitment to utilize them to make their experience of the Maldives, which they planned it to be. We know that our customers will leave us promising to come back to live out their next dream. With our resources we can conjure up what no one else can offer in the Maldives. We will never promise what we cannot deliver.
Tropical Destination Maldives has the support of a strong infrastructure and the network of companies, subsidiaries and partners from different parts of Asia, Middle East & European Countries, which the working relationship has been colossal since pass few years. However, our strength lies in our strong links with the tourism network in the Maldives. We know the product so well that you can rest assured that every effort will be made to meet your expectations.
Our Strength
We respond promptly to all enquiries and requests without setback. We have the widest affiliation of resorts, hotels, safari vessels in the tourism trade of Maldives. We offer more than 60 exclusive resort islands, with the best whole sale rates than any other competitor. We also represent best sales agents for city hotels and the finest safari vessels in Maldives. We have commitments with the best tourist resorts and live-aboard cruise vessels in the country. We work with Tour Operators around the globe, offering the best Maldivian Tourist products at attractive rates, combining reliability and efficient service that results in satisfied customers and rich business associates.
We offer Ground service for all clients, involving airport arrivals & departures, complain handlings, ticket confirmations & reconfirmations. Furthermore, we offer Resorts, Hotels & Safari reservations, confirming any amount of bookings guaranteeing reservations and needs of customers. We grant from resort island allocation on behalf of Tour Operators, negotiating Terms and Conditions related with the tour operation commitments. We provide, excursion site seeing, cruising, photo flights, night fishing, group bookings, luxury tours & any kind of tourism related event in Maldives. We also, plan and book weddings honeymoon, conference & meeting, and incentive trip management.
We have qualified & experienced staffs at the Male' International Airport representing our company to handle customers and to provide professional services which we believe are one of the most essential element "the first impression" needed to satisfy customers. Services provided by our ground handling crew to both our outbound and inbound clients include:
If you want the most efficient and professional service in the Maldives, our Ground Handling team will provide all aspects of representations from the moment you decide to visit the Maldives until your departure.
We are very well backed.